How do we work together to maintain and strengthen our positive attitude during the changes and challenges that we face at work and at home?

Companies and organizations hire Ed Gerety for his motivational one-hour keynote that teaches the principles and skills to answer that question. Ed instantly captures the audience’s attention through his passion, personal experiences, humor and real life examples. His keynote speech is high-energy, interactive, and leaves a lasting impact.

Some of the companies and organizations that have teamed up with Ed include: Northern New England Recreation and Parks, New England Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association, American Camp Association- New England, Cirtronics Corporation, Easter Seals, Volkswagen of America, NH YMCA, Captial District YMCA, New Hampshire School Food Service Association, and the Greater Hartford YMCA

Ed’s keynote speeches are approximately 45-60 minutes in length depending upon your schedule. There are three reasons why state, regional, and national conferences choose Ed as their keynote speaker.

EXPERIENCE: For more than a decade Ed has captured the attention of audiences both small and as large as 4,000 people through his inspirational and educational programs.

LASTING IMPACT: Ed’s passion, humor, and powerful message on respect, responsibility, leadership, and making a difference leaves a lasting impact.

AUTHENTIC: Conferences continually bring Ed back because he delivers. He’s the same person off the stage as he is on it.

Keynote Program Description

iStock_000018455059SmallTitle: “The Invisible Push”

Ed Gerety is a leading speaker and author on youth leadership in the United States. In this inspiring and high-energy keynote, he shares the five principles that are essential to playing big in the game of life. This program will energize those who work with youth to stay focused on their commitment to making a difference. You’ll learn what it takes to create the invisible push in your personal and professional life.

*Ed will tailor his keynote speech to meet the specific needs of your conference or program. He offers breakout sessions which are a great follow up to his keynote.

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